Hugo Boss Bracelet Casual Watch

Hugo Boss Bracelet Casual Watch

Hugo Boss is a big name in the watchmaking industry. As such, we’ve featured its products twice in our watch reviews. If you’re not into watches with straps, you’ll love a bracelet casual watch from this brand. The company has been in the industry long enough to know what its customers look for in their watches.

Therefore, Boss uses premium materials to make high-end watches that appeal to different segments of the market. The Hugo #Jump collection is what you need to reach new levels. The family of watches include modern watches with clean, crisp looks. They’re also functional, reliable and accurate.

Hugo Boss Bracelet Casual Watch
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The Hugo Boss Bracelet Casual Watch is based on quartz movement and retails for less than $300. The case is plated in black and measures 41mm in diameter. The bracelet is also black-plated and the dial comes in a black finish. The watch has an analog display and works based on quartz mechanics.

The mineral crystal is durable and resistant to scratches. Designed for hand washing and to resist splashes of water, the watch has water resistance rating of 30m or 100 feet. This means it’s safe under water up to 30 meters deep. However, it’s not ideal for swimming and diving at depths with greater pressure levels.

What We Like: We like the simple look of this watch and the fact that it makes an ideal everyday accessory for all occasions. What’s more, anyone looking for a simple watch they can afford will find the timepiece handy.

Moreover, if you’re looking to surprise your man on his birthday or during Valentine’s Day without spending too much, you’ll find the watch viable. However, it’s important to ensure the watch you buy for your man suits his style and taste.

What We Don’t Like: We like everything about this watch, but the fashion-savvy men may not find it appealing. The sophisticated modern man with traditional roots and values would prefer a watch with moving components to reflect their personality.                        

Features of the Hugo Boss Bracelet Casual Watch

  • Mineral dial window
  • Buckle clasp for fastening the watch
  • Analog display
  • 41mm case diameter
  • Black IP case material
  • 8mm case thickness
  • Japanese quartz movement
  • Water resistance at depths up to 30m underneath water
  • Black-plated bracelet and dial


  • The masculine look of the watch resonates well with men
  • The watch is reasonably-priced for a functional timepiece
  • The simple design makes the watch ideal for all occasions
  • The watch is cost-effective and affordable to all
  • It’s simple yet elegant and attractive in design
  • Has a black timeless look
  • The watch is durable enough to last many years of use


  • May not appeal to women
  • Can’t act as a family heirloom
  • Not ideal for swimming and deep sea diving

Buying Advice

The best watches don’t just tell time. They’re attractive and made to last decades or centuries of use. It takes more than just watch mechanics to find a good watch for you. Apart from choosing between a mechanical (manual of automatic) and quartz movement, consider other factors to find the best smart watch for you.

The best watches don’t just tell time

Whether you prefer German watches to Italian watches or Swiss watches, make sure your choice reflects your style and personality. Whereas some watches are designed for formal wear, others suit all occasions.

On the other hand, some watches are so precious that they’re best suited for investment because they’re made from precious stones that increase in value over time. Today, watches are being designed for all kinds of professions ranging from nursing to piloting.

Choose a watch designed for use in your intended application area. If you’re a pilot, you need a pilot’s watch with all the aviation features incorporated to aid flying planes. For instance, you need a timepiece you can use hands-free while focusing on other important aspects of flying a plane.

The material used on a preferred watch is also important. It influences the price and quality of any given timepiece. High-end materials such as titanium, white or yellow gold, silver and platinum are used on luxury watches that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Hugo Boss Casual Watch


Expect such watches to last a lifetime. They can also act as your family’s heirloom to pass down many generations. Stainless steel is also an important material often used on standard watches. Make sure your watch manufacturer uses high quality steel for increased durability.

The watchmaking industry is also full of manufacturers. Whereas some brands have been in the industry for centuries, others made entry only recently. Choose watches with pioneer brands behind them. For instance Rolex, Casio and Seiko are brands known to produce high quality watches that have stood the test of time.

If you’re buying an expensive watch such as a luxury watch, make sure it comes with a warranty. It ensures your watch is protected from manufacturing faults. Moreover, buying a watch from a reputable brand ensures that you’ll have easy access to parts for replacement.

Choose the best watches designed for your style and intended look. What’s more, opt for a timepiece you can afford. Set a budget to work with and buy a watch with features you’ll need. Why buy a sports watch with features for outdoor activities if what you need is a functional timepiece to tell time?

Choose wisely and buy the best digital watches for women or men. A timepiece handmade or crafted just for you.


Casual watches go well with most outfits and occasions. They’re simple in design and often tell time without a focus on aesthetics. Whether you’re looking for the right watch for yourself or a love done, choose the best timepiece wisely. Look around and make price comparisons before opting for a single watch.

Order your best Hugo Boss Casual Watch on Amazon today and adorn your upcoming event in style.

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